Thursday, February 18, 2010

African American Military Museum

I toured the African American Military Museum in Hattiesburg, MS today and it was great. This is my first time attending an African American museum in Mississippi. The museum was nothing I had expected. It was really informative about African Americans in the military. From the Spanish-American War on the the War on Terrorism today give insight on how African American soldiers. Many pictures, firgure displays, and machinery were displayed in the museum. Along with the museum there is a theater and outside memorial garden that is dedicated to the falling military people.
Even though many African Americans have not always be known as legal citizen in the U.S. they have always stood strong to fight for their country. People like Frederick Douglas, Colin Powell, Buffalo Soldiers, Jesse L. Brown, Ruth Bailey, and many unknown military people have featured information in the museum. Even Hattiesburg's own Brown and Bailey's biography are shared along with some pictures and clothing.
The museum was great and a wonderful addition to the African American accomplishment. I also took many pictures of various things inside the museum. There were also two history professors from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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