Thursday, March 10, 2011

Processing Historical Documents/Spring Break Volunteering

This week has been a highlight for me because I learned how to process pictures, documents, and other historical data. I have been learning that as well as giving to the community of Hattiesburg. I am interning at the African American Military History Museum where they are covered by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission. I volunteered my time to help the Hattiesburg Convention Commission with their latest project the Hattiesburg Zoo. The convention commission as well as myself all help in the reconstruction of specific things in the zoo.
This was Spring Break for me and I am dedicating my time to the museum because this month is National Women's History Month. Mrs. Cruthirds along with the help of Heather, and I organized several top military officials that were women. Notable Hattiesburg natives are among the open collection display which includes Col. Shelia Varnado, Major Raylawni Branch, Ruth Bailey Earl, Valerie Easterling, Felicia Young, Ila Williams, and Nakita Adams. I respectfully acknowledge all these women for there bravery and courage in the U.S. Army.

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