Friday, April 15, 2011

New Harmonies Exhibit, Cataloging Book, & Visitor Stats

The AAMHM has been very busy this month with many projects and events. This month the museum as been working with other associates to unveil an exhibit that highlights the music experience in Hattiesburg. Mrs. Cruthirds the museum curator as well as Heather one of the research specialist at the museum have been over at the Train Depot for weeks now constructing the exhibit. Tomorrow is the unveiling of the museum and I will surely be there to see the finishing product.

One tough task I have been managing to complete is the cataloging of books in the museum's library. The books are so delicate and fragile that I barely want to touch them to do my cataloging. Many of them are well preserved and in mint condition dating back to the late 1800s. I am trying to establish a system so the museum can know what materials and books they have in the library for future reference. Some of those books might be of historic value to the museum and they have yet to know. Plus the museum's library is off limits to the public; I thought this was something that they museum needs by it just getting established itself.

I have been quite busy continuing to work on establishing a visitor statistic log for the museum. I have used Microsoft Excel to give me a detail account of how many visitors have came into the museum since it's opening in May 2009. This week I have completed this long task of visitor numbers by looking through months of visitor log-ins and calendar appointments. Since May 2009 to April 2011 the African American Military History Museum has seen over 11,000 visitors in city and beyond. I feel that is quite good for a museum that is coming upon its 2nd anniversary in May. I have update the Excel spreadsheet for the next two years with formulas to calculate monthly and yearly visitor numbers for the museum records.

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