Thursday, May 5, 2011

Writing Capstone Paper while interning at the AAMHM

These past two weeks I have really had my hands full with completing my capstone paper for graduation. The task has been challenging with trying to work, complete other schoolwork, as well as finish up my internship hours at the African American Military History Museum. I officially have completed my paper to my advisor Dr. Teresa Welch at the University of Southern Mississippi. In my paper I discussed the development of the AAMHM as well as its past appearance as the Historic 6th Street USO Club. I also discussed the organizational structure of the museum and the commission in which the museum is associated with. The Hattiesburg Convention Commission funds the AAMHM as well as other tourist locations around Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Mrs. Cruthirds, museum curator as well as Ms. Latoya Norman, museum public relation associate along with Heather Sanchez, Divah Griffin, and Eddie work along with me at the museum . We all work closely together to keep the museum functioning properly and to guide tourist around the museum. The most exciting information I conducted while doing my paper was discussing the museum exhibits. I discussed the 11 different war exhibits within my paper from the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terrorism today. The museum and I focused on the brave unnoticed figures of each war that American has played a role in from Buffalo Soldier's Cathy Williams to Ruth Bailey Earl to Ensign Jesse L. Brown to Private Milton Olive III along with many other military servicemen and women.
This paper I has shown me that it is so much history out in the world and I am just scratching the surface. Three specific individuals I noted above were some of the people in my own state of Mississippi I did not even know about that fought and gave their life to the war cause. Many of their service and sacrifice has gone unnoticed to the United States as well as the world, but the AAMHM has brought their untold stories to the light. This museum is such a inspiration to the life of the African American experience towards the Armed Forces. Many wars has taken place all over the world and I did not think it would or would not have been successful if it was not for the African American. One of my favorite quotes from the AAMHM I will share below is a true one.
"There has been no war fought by or within the United States in which African Americans did not participate."


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