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My intended audience is for those students interested in a life of fashion. My grade levels will include those students from high school onto college. I wanted to share a pathfinder where students can reference back to fashion and all the concepts that feature into it. Fashion has become a mainstream fixation like no other in the last couple of years. Needless to say fashion has always been a stepping stone from people around the world dating back before Christ.

Part 2: Written Resources (5)
  1. 2 Reference Books

Eicher, J. B., & Oxford University Press. (2010). Encyclopedia of world dress and fashion. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
This encyclopedia is an awarding winner to the Dartmouth Medal. Since 2010, the Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion is the largest reference source on dress and human adornment worldwide. The reliability is great seeing that is it an awarding winning encyclopedia of dress and fashion. The individual volumes, each coordinated by a specialist Editor, provide wide-ranging coverage of dress and fashion in different regions. In-depth and original articles on countries, themes, cultural groups, and types of dress are amongst the popular section in the source. Great pictures snapshot articles featuring illuminating examples and case studies. A wide range of excellent bibliographies and fashion suggestions are after each reading article.
Steele, V. (2005). Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion. New York: Scribner/Thomson.

This is a three part volume encyclopedia of clothing and fashion. Some almost a decade ago this book was an outstanding resource of 2005. The source is edited by Valerie Steele is a fashion historian, curator, and director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Over 300 reputable academics, journalists, and fashion industry professionals are cited in the encyclopedia. This impressive reference work compares a unique bond between culture and fashion through alphabetically arranged articles. Within this fashion manual it shares the history of clothing and textiles, great fashion houses and trends, and cultural/ethnic aspects of dress. Some 640 articles describe the colorful facets of couture and textiles, from fabrics of chintz, corduroy, and etc.

  1. 3 Journals (online database)
About Us. Berg Fashion Library. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from the Berg Fashion Library database.
The Berg Fashion Library is an online e-journal that offers insight into fashion. I find the site to be very detailed with information referring to fashion in all different aspects. It’s an encyclopedia also that shows color images from museum costume collections, and e-books on world dress and fashion throughout history. This library is just a great online source to fashion students. Lesson places are placed on the site for teachers who need to use to construct their plans.  There are even lesson plans one as a fashion student major can follow for classes. The library has several other books and journals that reference fashion which include A-Z of Fashion to a Specially-created taxonomy. All are updated several times a year for students, scholars, and professionals of cutting edge fashion subjects.
 Buyer Praise Paris: Creative and Salable. WWD: Women’s Wear Daily,207, 1. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from the EbscoHost database.
This journal discusses tips on buying and selling fashion items in Paris, France. Paris is the ending place for designers to conclude showing their collection during fashion week. This is the place where fashion merchandising is taken to the extreme. Women’s Wear Daily talks about 2014 fall fashion week and how designers need to design more commercial pieces. The journal cites many designers who gave their insight on how fashion week is coming together for the upcoming fall. It also cites how the popular fashion designers have to get creative with their collection this year. Top buyers are discussing how each popular fashion label quality and texture is the reason why they are buying their pieces. The fashion shows give sellers a chance to expose themselves through fashion.
Ferrara, J. S. Retailers Target Younger Audience. Value Line Research Center. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from
Value Line Research Center provides information about how to fashion retailers target younger audience. Value Line’s leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options, and convertible securities, as well as special situation stocks. The journal discusses how teens have been one of the fastest-growing populations in the U.S. Also the second-largest age group after the baby-boomers of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s according to statistical data.  Since the 2007 recession, sales are low and many retailers have reached out to a much younger crowd such as babies and teens.  The journal also cites many popular stores that are popular amongst teens and retailers such as American Eagle Outfitters, The Gap Inc. and Aeropostale.  Retailers have fallen prey to advertising and designing clothes for that age group.
  1. Other (if applicable)

Part 3: Online Resources (5)
  1. Web sites
Fashion. (2014, January 1). . Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

The University of Fashion was founded and developed by Francesca Sterlacci, a New York fashion designer, educator and author. Her mission is to preserve the art and craft of fashion design by bringing together the best fashion industry professionals to create lessons that inspire and educate students, teachers, home sewers and the fashion curious. A professor and chairperson in New York City and later in San Francisco for 20 years combined. The University of Fashion has been in development for over 5 years. We conducted surveys and focus groups with students, teachers, home sewers, and with members of the fashion community. With their input we discussed which lessons to film. We categorized each into one of the five fashion design disciplines of Draping, Pattern Making, Sewing, Fashion Art and Product Development.  After carefully choosing the best fashion college professors and industry professionals we made several pilot lessons. Our studios in New York City and Vancouver, Canada are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. Our team of videographers and editors carefully frame each shot using multiple cameras to make sure that the instructor’s every step is captured.
Ivanova, I., & Milman, A. (2007, January 1). Art, Design, Fashion resources, Fashion portfolios, Textile. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

This website was created by fashion designers and educators Irina Ivanova and Andre Milman. The site offers insight into fashion portfolio gallery to share with Fashion students and expertise. On the site presents projects that are emerged by fashion, textile, and costume designers. There are four virtual galleries within the website that consist of costume design and creative fashion, textile and screen printing, fashion drawing illustrations, and fashion art and design portfolios. These are all projects that students are to meet as a goal instructed by the website.  All projects put on the site are presented to professionals to be graded by criteria enlisted to review on a regular basis.

State University of New York. (2014).Fashion Institute of Technology. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

Fashion Institute of Technology is home to State University of New York. FIT’S site discuss everything from accreditation to library resources. FIT stems from the Educational Foundation for the Apparel Industries created by Mortimer C. Ritter and Max Meyer in the 1940s.  During this time, the college’s curriculum was growing beyond traditional notions of fashion, to include subjects like photography and advertising and interior design. The college wanted to further expand its curriculum by offerings bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The institute’s mission and vision is one that promotes creativity, student empowerment, and academic excellence. It also houses a museum on its ground at the university. FIT museum is known for being one of the most fashionable in NYC. The Museum’s permanent collection encompasses some 50,000 garments and accessories from the 18th century to the present. The institute has a strong policy of safety and security to ensure all students that they will be greatly taken care of.

Fashion United. (2014). Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

The Fashion Education Network, a non profit initiative by FashionUnited, is an online platform uniting the global fashion education market. It is a place where Fashion Schools can present themselves towards other institutes, students and the global fashion industry. It offers from job opportunities to lookbook indexes. The objective is to stimulate interaction between schools, students and industry leaders by sharing knowledge and intelligence. The Fashion Education Network wants to contribute by providing free information and resources and help develop a talented and skilled next generation of fashion professionals. This is a great site to utilize if you are a high school student on the hunt for a fashion design school. Especially if you are undecided on fashion being a major you would love to turn into a career.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of German resolution. (2014). iXPOS. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from

iXPOS is an German business portal for textile. A large market in fashionable goods and modern technical textile around the world. The domestic industry is made up of almost 1200 mostly small and medium sized enterprises with a workforce of 120,000 in the different industry segments alone. The textile and clothing industry in Germany is one of the most important sectors in the country.  The country is also the second largest textile importer after the United States and has become an attractive market for many textile exporting countries since the 1980s. iXPOS has supporting institution of textiles in Germany foreign manufacturing that they are associated with.  The site shows the steps to gaining access to Germany textile through an agent through distribution channels.

  1. Other (podcasts)

Victoria and Albert Museum. (2005). Curating Contemporary Fashion [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Victoria and Albert Museum is known for being the world’s greatest museum of art and design. Located in London, England this enriched museum has been introducing podcasts to the public since this year. The museum is trying to expose its vision and mission of fashion worldwide for the future. The V&A has collected contemporary objects ever since it was founded in the nineteenth century. In this episode, Glenn discusses the importance and challenges of collecting and displaying fashion with Brix Smith Start and Oriole Cullen. Brix has long been established as a fashion icon since she emerged in the 1980s as a member of post-punk band The Fall. Oriole, a curator in the museums fashion and textile department, specialises in contemporary dress. Together, they discuss how the V&A situates the fast-paced world of fashion within the museum context.

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