Friday, February 4, 2011

Kicking off Black History Month

Yesterday, the African American Military Museum kicked off Black History Month by honoring the African American Korean War Veterans. Each year the museum honors a group of military war era veterans to commentrate what a superb job these service men and women have done. Nearly thirty awards were passed out to veterans serving not only in the Korean War but other war stations areas around the world. All veterans that were honored yesterday are from the city of Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. Notable figures from our own Hattiesburg were honored or in attendance for the ceremony including Jesse L. Brown, Vernon Dahmer, George Williams, Frederick & Shelia Varnado, Mayor Johnny Dupree Ph.D, Hattiesburg Convention Committee, Brooke Cruthirds, curator, and many others.

The ceremony was great and wonderful to see some many elderly men and women still active sharing in the dream of the military. Many shared the shared their experience and gave thanks to the AAMM for honoring them so many years later. After the ceremony was over many toured the museum to see the newly features that were installed while others chatted amongs their family and friends. We celebrate the event with lemon cider, shirley temples, and finger size sweets that all the people enjoyed. I really enjoyed myself and the experience I am having at the African American Military Museum the ceremony brung tears to my eyes because it remind me of my grandfather. My grandfather was not in the military but the cheerfulness and mindset of these elderly men and women brung joy and a smile to my face.

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